Randy Cain’s Close Quarter Tactics Class has openings

There are several openings for the Close Quarter tactics class December 15th through the 17th. Here is a description of the course:


While training has traditionally focused on development of the shooting skills required to hit small targets at great distance, this just isn’t the way it happens in real life. Most lethal confrontations occur at contact distance!

It may come as a surprise. It will happen suddenly.

It will be quicker than even the “Fastest gun in the West” can get a pistol out of a holster. We must first survive the initial assault (especially against edged or impact weapons), and now is not the time to realize that we “shouldn’t have brought a gun to a knife fight.”

It helps to use efficient foot work to buy time and create distance, enabling us to get the gun out. The focus of the course is on this seemingly simple, yet very complex concept.

Topics also include:

Weapon Retention – keeping your gun from being taken away from you.

Counter Retention – taking your attacker’s gun away from him (disarms).

The course requires the student have a blue, red, or orange PLASTIC inert dummy gun that fits their normal carry holster. It is recommended that students also have a pair of heavy leather work gloves to protect the hands.  (When pistols are being forcibly stripped from your hands the front sights can leave some nasty cuts.)

The course also includes live fire.

This course may be offered in 2-day or 3-day course.

Ammunition Requirement: 400 Rounds.

Prerequisites apply. A handgun class from either Cumberland Tactics or any of the other trainers that we link to will suffice, but there simply isn’t enough time to teach a student to draw safely or shoot accurately in this course. It is expected that the student has already reached a level of proficiency with fundamentals before stepping on the line.

Randy Cain is returning to Homestead in December

If you have been sitting on this opportunity, now is the time to sign up while you are still able.

Just click on the application to reserve your slot.