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Please note, for full refunds you must give written notice of intent to cancel 28 days prior to the course date.
If cancelling 14 days prior to course date you will be entitled to a 50% refund. Any cancellations within 14 days of course date will not be refunded.
No transfers or range credits will be granted with cancellations.


PROCTOR PISTOL PROCESS “The Fundamentals of Fast”

The Proctor Shooting Process is an in-depth and cerebral approach covering how to shoot Fast-Accurate-Easy. The process teaches an understanding of and how to master these 5 components:
  • Processing
  • Control
  • Mechanics
  • Movement
  • Mindset
Equipment list
  • Bring what YOU need to shoot and take care of your body during an active and fast paced day on a range outdoors.
  • Pistol- G19 sized or full-sized pistol
  • Kydex or Injection molded Holster, OWB preferred, IWB is also acceptable- NO LEATHER OR NYLON HOLSTERS
  • 5 pistol mags and 4 pistol mag pouches recommended. Minimum 3 mags and 2 mag pouches
  • 1500 rounds of pistol ammo minimum.
**After registration students will receive an email with further information including schedule, range location area information etc.** *PLEASE REVIEW THE CANCELLATION POLICY PERTAINING TO THIS COURSE!* CANCELLATION POLICY FOR THIS COURSE PER THE FRANK PROCTOR WEBSITE AS SEEN HERE: We cannot refund course registration fees.  Once you sign up you have agreed to take a slot in the course that could have been available to someone else.  If you are unable to attend the course you signed up for we can move you to another course providing there are slots available.  We can also issue you store credit if you cannot attend any courses.  Alternatively you can have someone take your place in the course, they must send us a copy of our vetting form in order to be accepted into the course.



This is the flagship class. We work on fundamental USPSA skills and apply them in a stage environment. We shoot a mix of drills and stages. We also work on hitting small targets, moving around through stages, and breaking down stages. Don’t let the “Fundamentals” in the title for this class mislead you. This isn’t a class for new shooters. This is geared towards people that already shoot USPSA, understand scoring and safety rules, and want to improve. Students should leave class with an idea about how to dry practice more efficiently and how to improve the foundation skills for USPSA.

Equipment list
  • Bring what YOU need to shoot and take care of your body during an active and fast paced day on a range outdoors.
  • 1500 Rounds of Ammunition
  • All USPSA gear you would use for a match

** CANCELLATION POLICY AS FOLLOWS: Cancellations MUST be made prior to 45 days before the class, or they will be non-refundable, cancellations made within 45 days of the class may ONLY be refunded if the slot is filled by another student(NO EXCEPTIONS).


World Class Pistol Skills

In this course the student will be given the insight into what it takes to develop truly World Class shooting skills.  Starting out with the fundamentals and then delving into a heavy dose of technique that goes well beyond the basics, the student will learn the dynamics involved in driving a pistol to the highest level.  This course is designed around the ultimate and equal balance of accuracy and speed that is applicable just as much to LE/Military training as it is to competition.   Aside from the techniques and skills taught this course also has aspects that require the student to truly “think” while operating on a course of fire.  A balance between competitive shooting and tactical applications will be maintained.  That being said, performing under pressure is paramount.  Outside of actual real life situations competition is one of the few ways pressure can truly be induced.  If you carry or use a handgun in any way, shape or form you will benefit from this course.

Equipment list
  • Bring what YOU need to shoot and take care of your body during an active and fast paced day on a range outdoors.
  • Handgun
  • Holster
  • Minimum of 2 mag pouches
  • Minimum of 4 magazines
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 500 rounds per day (1000 rounds total)