Chris Donaldson 

Senior Firearms Instructor

Chris is a combat veteran with the United States Marine Corp. Chris has 22 years of federal law enforcement experience, rising to the rank of Captain at his retirement in 2015. Chris served as a multifaceted trainer in the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons. Chris instructed firearms, Less-Lethal munitions, Disturbance Control, Use of Force, Incident Management, Tactical planning, Team Leader, and Command Center operations.

While serving as a trainer and team leader, he attended and conducted training throughout the country at various military and government facilities.  He trained Special Operations Response Teams and Riot Control teams in mechanical, ballistic, and thermal breaching. In support of Multiple Agency stakeholders from local, state, and federal levels, Chris designed exercises to test contingency and assault plans. 

Chris is employed with Homestead Training and serves as an NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, a Training Coordinator, an NRA LE Instructor, an FL K-Instructor, a Range Master, and Chief of Range Operations.

William Schlegelmilch

Head Firearms Instructor

Florida native and career Law Enforcement Officer, Will Schlegelmilch, has been a firearms instructor for over 15 years and a Law Enforcement Officer for over 21 years. Will has taught and worked throughout the State of Florida, bringing professionalism and leadership to his local community. Will spent his spare time teaching programs like D.A.R.E. and Project Alert at local schools. Will dedicated several years to training the newest generations of Law Enforcement Officers at The Florida Keys Criminal Justice Police Academy where he specialized in all High Liability Courses(Firearms, Vehicle Operations, Defensive Tactics, and Taser Techniques). In addition, Will assists in training local Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices in specialized SWAT techniques and Active Shooter Scenario Training.

Will has worked with multiple specialty units, including the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force (MAGTF), SWAT, K-9, Field Force, and Crisis Stabilization Unit. Will is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience with the masses. He has a fresh perspective and a realistic outlook on real-life situations. Will believes that through his training, he has learned that leadership and professionalism play an important part in providing safety to the community and his fellow colleagues.

Luis Tiru-Lopez

Firearms Instructor

Luis is employed with Homestead Training Center as a NRA range safety officer, NRA instructor, and FL-K instructor.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico with a career in law enforcement, Luis A. Tiru-Lopez, has been a firearms instructor for over 15 years. In Puerto Rico, Luis trained Police Officers and civilians across the island. His lifelong passion has been in the world of firearms. He holds the title of Master in Pistol awarded to him by the Puerto Rico firearms instructor Federation.

After relocating to South Florida in 2014 he was certified by the NRA to be a Law-Enforcement Instructor and is licensed as an FL-K instructor. In his spare time, Luis likes to spend time at the range practicing tactics and concepts to develop new ideas for training. He believes that through training we can come together as a community to provide a safer environment for all.

Luis has his certification in his K-license & G-license, Pistol, Tactical Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. He is our main Spanish instructor on the property and teaches both private and public courses in Spanish.

John D. Harris III

Firearms Instructor

John is employed with Homestead Training Center as a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Private Instructor, FL-K instructor, and has multiple other NRA certifications.
John was born in Miami, FL, and raised in Western North Carolina, and has been exposed to firearms ever since he was young.

He entered into the security field after high school in 2003, where he started as an Armed/Unarmed Security Guard. He later became a Private investigation intern, worked on a Robbery Suppression Detail, was hired as a Driver Escort for high end clients, and performed executive & asset protection work.

John obtained his NRA LE Handgun Instructor in 2014, then later received his NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, NRA Home Firearm Safety, and NRA Basic Rifle in 2017.

In 2019, John decided he wanted to teach the Florida G-License so he went back to the NRA and got his Florida-K. John was hired with HTC as an RSO in 2021. He obtained his NRA Chief Range Safety Officer certification.
John enjoys teaching new shooters to be proficient and confident in using all firearms, and teaching more experienced shooters the best techniques to become their best.

Travis Smith

Firearms Instructor

Travis is employed with Homestead Training Center as a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instructor, a Rifle Instructor, and has multiple other NRA certifications.

Travis was born in South Dakota and has been dealing with firearms his entire life. He joined the Army in 1995, and retired out of Fort Leavenworth in 2015.

In 2016, he worked as a contractor for Naval Special Warfare as an Armorer/Ordinance Manager. In 2019 Travis started working security for Special Operations Command South at the Homestead Air Reserve Base.

In 2021 Travis obtained his last NRA certification as a Chief Range Safety Officer. Travis has certifications in Combatives Defense, Armorer Certification, and Ordanance Certification.

Private Training Available

Private training available for all your individual training needs. From basic shooting like getting to know your firearms to advanced training as a private vehicle class, call our main office to schedule your specific training needs.

Main Office : (305) 224 – 1839

Private Courses Available:

  • CCW – Concealed Carry Weapon
  • CCW en Español – Curso de Portacion de Armas Ocultas
  • Closed Quarter Training
  • Carbine/Pistol/Shotgun Training
  • New Firearms Owners Course
  • Precision Rifle Training
  • Scenario-Based Training
  • Vehicle Dynamics