Meet Our Instructors

Chris Donaldson 

Senior Firearms Instructor

Chris is a combat veteran with the United States Marine Corp. Chris has 22 years of federal law enforcement experience, rising to the rank of Captain at his retirement in 2015. Chris served as a multifaceted trainer in the Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Prisons. Chris instructed firearms, Less-Lethal munitions, Disturbance Control, Use of Force, Incident Management, Tactical planning, Team Leader and Command Center operations.

While serving as a trainer and team leader, he attended and conducted training throughout the country at various military and government facilities.  He trained Special Operations Response Teams and Riot Control teams in mechanical, ballistic and thermal breaching. In support of Multiple Agency stakeholders from local, state and federal levels, Chris designed exercises to test contingency and assault plans.  Chris is employed with Homestead Training and serves as a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and Chief Training Instructor.




Rick Pozzi 

Firearms Instructor

Rick has been shooting, training and teaching for over 30 years, becoming a certified NRA Firearms Instructor in the mid 90’s. He served in the US Army for almost ten years, deploying to numerous countries in Central America and the Middle East, conducting operations in support of the War on Drugs and in support of Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. During unit training cycles, Rick served as a primary Firearm Instructors preparing units for deployment.

After leaving the military he served as a Private Security Contractor for the Department of Defense and Department of Justice supporting real world operations in Kuwait, Jordan and in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Rick served as team leader, assistant team leader and Firearms Instructor for various organizations including Coalition Forces, Support Personnel and Indigenous Forces.

In the three decades Rick has been involved in the tactical shooting community, he had the privilege and fortune to work, train and instruct with numerous military units, Special Operations Forces groups amongst all military branches including foreign military units, corporate/private security personnel, private military companies, law enforcement agencies and some of the best instructors in private industry.