All outside Instructors must have the following requirements before training here on property:

  1. Present your Course Outline/Program of Instruction for approval by our CRSO, include your safety brief.  Safety At a minimum, your Safety Brief should be based on HTC action bay rules.
  1. Every type of firearm class you instruct, you must have an approved outline.
  1. Have ALL certification(s) on file with HTC, i.e. if you’re instructing Pistol, you must present a pistol instructor certification, likewise must have a rifle/carbine certification if you are teaching rifle/carbine, etc.
  1. You must provide a copy of your liability insurance.
    • HTC (we have to be an additional insured) with a minimum 1 million dollar liability.  Our information on your liability document MUST be reflected as:

Homestead Training Center

d/b/a/ Homestead Training Center
South Range LLC
11700 SW 304th ST
Homestead, FL 33033
  1. You must review and sign for your receipt of HTC Action Bay Rules.
  1. All Certifications and insurance MUST be kept current, not expired.  If an audit of your documents determine your certification/insurance documents are expired, your action bay privileges will be immediately suspended.  If you are in the middle of a class, or already reserved a range, with expired documents, this is considered poor judgement and negligence, and you will be told to leave the facility, regardless of the number of students on the bay. 

Thank You!