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Homestead Training Center

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Homestead Training Center


HTC Calendar has live updates about range closures, HTC course locations, and also any other range updates.

Upcoming Events

Visit HTC’s FULL Training Schedule here!

January 15th: NVG Skills Drills 1745-2145

January 17th: NRA Range Safety Officer Certification 0900-1800

January 21st: 100YD Range open 0900-1300

January 22nd – 23rd: Project Appleseed Tour

January 25th: 100YD Range open 0900-1400

January 27th: 100YD Range CLSOED ALL DAY

January 30th-31st: 500YD Range CLOSED ALL DAY

January 30th-31st: Precision Rifle Course (2day)

January 30th-31st: NRA Pistol Instructor Course (2day)

Courses are limited spots AND on a First Come, First Serve basis so make sure you sign up right away to secure your spot.

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