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Homestead Training Center

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Homestead Training Center


HTC Calendar has live updates about range closures, HTC course locations, and also any other range updates.

Upcoming Events

Visit HTC’s FULL Training Schedule here!

APRIL 2021

APRIL 12th : HR 218 1000-1100 ((register))

APRIL 17th – 18th : Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) ALL DAY / BOTH DAYS ((register))

APRIL 16th – 18th : GSSF Volunteering 0800-1200 & 1200-1700 ((VOLUNTEER LINK))

*** All volunteers will receive lunch as a token of our appreciation!

APRIL 18th : New Firearm Owners Course 0900-1300 ((register))

APRIL 23rd : NRA Range Safety Officer Course 0900-1800 ((register))

APRIL 24th : Intro to Low Light Pistol (ILLP) 1900-2300 ((register))

APRIL 25th : Defensive Pistol II 0900-1800 ((register))

for a full list of HTC Courses (Course Description, Pricing, and Requirements) please visit : www.ShootHTC.com/Training/ or visit the Training tab on the top of the page!

Courses are limited spots AND on a First Come, First Serve basis so make sure you sign up right away to secure your spot.

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