Our first anniversary at HTC

December 21st marks the day we closed on the property that is now Homestead Training Center.

To say it has been an interesting year would be an understatement. It seems for every job we complete, we find 10 more. Swimming against the tide is what we do and our efforts are met almost daily with gratitude from our members and customers. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our community and fill a much needed void for both training and sports. Our goal is to provide a training and competition venue in a family park atmosphere.

We have spent the year investing in improving the ranges and facilities so our community has a top notch outdoor facility. We now have 14 different ranges, state of the art pop up targeting systems, turning target arrays, a complete inventory or reactive targets and disappearing targets, a state of the art virtual training simulator, outdoor explosive simulators, well stocked Force on Force capability, and enough steel and targets stands to run a national level match.

We have plans for 2017 to continue to improve the grounds and facilities for you. In addition, we have several major events planned for the coming months and several more on the drawing board. As we work through next year’s budget, we will be adjusting various rates to balance our costs. Our goal is to continue to provide you with a top notch place to shoot. Our business has more than tripled over the last year and we have added additional staff.

I am proud to say we have many of the country’s top trainers using the facility and are in discussion with others who want to take advantage of our location.

So as we wrap our first year of operation this holiday season, we would like to extend to everyone a safe Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah.

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