Our 2017 Competition Schedule

Here is our 2017 Schedule for Homestead Practical Shooters and related shooting sports which we sponsor.

As a general rule, we will run one match each month on the third Sunday alternating between USPSA and Steel Challenge.

We are going to make an effort to run higher quality matches each month rather than parse down matches due to crunching too much into a single weekend.

Jan 5th through 8th. Glock Sport Shooting Foundation match.
Jan 22nd: Rimfire Steel Challenge

Feb 19: USPSA 6 Stage Match

Feb 25th through March 5th the only range available is Romeo.
The other ranges will be used for the Florida State IDPA Championship.

March 19: Steel Challenge 8 Stage Match
March 26th: Rimfire Steel Challenge

April 16th: USPSA 6 Stage Match
April 23rd: Rimfire Steel Challenge

May 21st: Steel Challenge 8 Stage Match
May 28th: Rimfire Steel Challenge

June 25th:Rimfire Steel Challenge (only)

July 16th: Steel Challenge 8 Stage Match
July 23rd: Rimfire Steel Challenge

Aug 20th: USPSA 6 Stage Match
Aug 27th: Rimfire Steel Challenge

Sep 17th: Steel Challenge 8 Stage Match
Sept 24th: Rimfire Steel Challenge

Oct 15th: USPSA 6 Stage Match
Oct 22nd: Rimfire Steel Challenge

Nov 19th Steel Challenge 8 Stage Match
Nov 26th: Rimfire Steel Challenge

Dec 17th: USPSA 6 Stage Match
Dec 24th: Rimfire Steel Challenge

These matches are subject to change based on presentation of other major events which could take place.

Also, we will schedule additional Special Classifier matches for USPSA In addition the monthly match schedule.
For USPSA, We will run as many long courses as we can for every match.
Every Steel Challenge match is both a local match and classifier.
We upload the scores to HQ.

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  1. I volunteer as a Range Officer (RO) with GSSF. We normally shoot on Friday afternoon after setting up and then I RO all day Saturday. Just wanted to give a heads up and see if there was a volunteer coordinator for this match. I can work wherever needed. Thanks in advance .

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