A word about Safe Areas for 2017

No matter how we word the written briefings. No matter how many times we remind shooters verbally. We continue to have problems with Brain Disconnect on our ranges. We hate having to be like your parents or your drill sergeant.  You may ask yourself why does this matter?

It matters because it demonstrates that your personal awareness is NOT where it needs to be as a safe shooter. It is NOT OK to be a distracted shooter. This is how an Unloaded Gun goes off by itself and shoots someone unintentionally.

This is not something we want to have happen so we are not going to compromise SAFETY at the range. We work daily to improve our facility so that ALL of our customers are comfortable with the environment where they come to shoot. This is not always common at other public venues where supervision is lax. In other cases, when customers are corrected for unsafe gun handling, they are fast to jump on the internet and point out how heavy handed the RSO’s are.

The point here is two fold:

First- We are removing the RED Lined Safety Tables and replacing them with signs to denote a Safe Area. We will rent tables to classes or other customers that would like to have a table to place your gear on when you are shooting. But they will no longer be used for Safe Areas.

Second- And this is the important one, IF you are found to be handling your guns while other customers or shooters are down range from your muzzle, you will be asked to leave for UNSAFE Gun Handling.

IF you are uncertain about this last reminder, please ask before you find yourself in an embarrassing and unintended position of having to pack up for the day.

We prefer that everyone who visits HTC continues to find the experience unique and enjoyable. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The writers of Borat are being sued again.

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