A few policy announcements

We recently updated our range policy to reflect necessary changes in our operations to increase safety for our staff and customers customers visiting our facility. These changes were made necessary after our staff have discovered repeated instances that now warrant restrictions on our customers activities.

Here is a run down of the highlights:

1) Exploding targets on the public ranges are discontinued.

2) We are going to charge you a repair fee for negligently or deliberately damaging range equipment and props. This includes shooting target stands, shooting steel targets with rounds that damage the targets, Bianchi barricades and other wood barriers designed as shooting positions that were being used to conceal targets. Wear and tear is one thing. We have a pattern that indicates gross negligence. One good thing, we will be happy to store your new props.

3) We are restricting shot angles on the Action shooting bays (with wood walls) to disallow any shots at angles greater than 30 degrees. These ranges are not intended to be 270 degree bays. Shots directly into the walls at close distance produces spall that returns uprange and other potential safety hazards.  We have created a template for shooters to gauge whether they are OK. It can be obtained from the range office.

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