LEO Cadet Pistol Qualification Program

This course is designed for the currently enrolled Law Enforcement Officer/Cadet, as well as State and Federal Correctional Officers who have the designation as Law Enforcement Officer. These sessions focus on safety, fundamentals of shooting, weapon handling, and shooting techniques, with a heavy emphasis on the FDLE pistol qualification requirements.

** No Pre-Requisites are needed to participate.**

$150 for 1 Session

$360 for all 3 Sessions

Students are required to bring:

  • Duty Carry Holster
  • Belt/Under-Belt
  • 3+ Magazines with holders
  • Firearm
  • Footwear you will be using for certification
  • Carrying case for your weapon
  • Session 1: 200 rounds of Ammunition
  • Session 2: 300 rounds of Ammunition
  • Session 3: 350 rounds of ammunition
  • Eye/Ear protection

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3: