About Us

We are Range29 LLC.


The sum of lessons learned. Founded as a support arm for professional shooters


A division of SRT Group, Range29 operates as Homestead Training Center.

Our primary goal is as simple as being able to provide a safe environment for serious shooters to train and hone their skills. We constantly strive to improve our standards to be one of the area’s top outdoor training facilities. Feel free to come and have a look around.

19 thoughts on “About Us

    I am looking forward to shooting with you all.
    Plan to join end of March.
    Thank you Brain for you time last Thursday, it was a hoot!!!
    Larry B

  2. AMAZING !!!! Called on Saturday to inquire, stopped by facility, took the tour of the grounds and immediately became a member. Pleasant front staff, RSO Joe was great.. What a great afternoon…

  3. If you are not a member, what is the cost per person to shoot on any given day? Thanks

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  10. Like the new website but after extensive search cannot find your business hours. If it is somewhere it is not easily accessible.

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